What People Usually Book

Micro Weddings

4 hours or less. I've got you covered. Usually covers ceremony, group, couple and bridal shots.


4- 6 Hours

4 - 6 hours of wedding photography ain't quite the full day but my goodness, you'll have some crackin' images. Usually covers ceremony, group, couple, bridal shots, speeches, cake cutting and first dance.


Full Day

From bridal prep, groom dickie-bow straightening, to ceremony, group, couple and bridal shots, speeches, cake cutting, first dance and dance floor action. It's all covered. From around 10/11am to around 7-9pm. Depends on your schedule.


Call me for an informal discussion

+44 (0)7867 808 857

Some last minute bookings can be taken, please enquire. I'm usually heavily booked throughout April to October each year. I recommend booking 12 - 18 months in advance when possible.


Do you shoot destination weddings?

Absolutely. I love travelling. Try and stop me.

Will there be a second shooter?

Only if I think there needs to be and if so they will know my style. If I did bring in a second shooter you would barely know.

Can I extend the session on the day?

You contract me for my time and skill. Having said that, I love what I do. Treat me right and I will do right to you.

Do you include an album?

Not normally as most clients want to make their own however, by arrangement and discussion, yes. Albums are the choice of the voyeur. As standard I send you digital files of the best images. You can decide from there what you want to do with them and if you need pointers to the best suppliers of prints and albums, I can give them to you. Many couples prefer to do this themselves as it is part of the fun and glamour of getting married, and part of the memories they make.

However, if you decide you would like me to curate an album for you I can tell you it will be amazing. The cover, will be a bespoke leather design by an amazing local leather worker. The prints will also be amazing. I have been printing my own prints for years and am very particular about paper type and quality. In my landscape and portrait work I have supplied prints to many businesses in the north east, and indeed aroudn the world, for resale or for their walls.

If you want an album curated and handmade by me then let's talk. I can't state a price because it depends on so many factors but I am happy to chat with you. So, click the contact me button button below and start the conversation.

What kind of gear do you use?

For you it doesn't really matter. What matters is the end result, which I know you will be ecstatic about.

Do I have to order prints through you?

Not at all. All images are delivered to you digitally. However, I work closely with one of the UK's best photo labs. So, ordering from your gallery will ensure print quality.

Why do I not see many wedding examples?

It's very simple. Up until this year, for the last 4 years I have been working solely as an associate shooter for Paul Liddment Wedding Stories. It's only this year that I have ventured out on my own, in part because Paul was getting so many enquiries he just couldn't book all clients.

Whilst I have worked a lot of weddings with Paul, I cannot show the work on my website, in order to respect his brand and his clients privacy.

However, ask me nicely and I can let you have access to a secret link which will show you some of the images I have taken whilst working for Paul. Or, take a look at his website https://www.paulliddemen.com

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